Stay Ahead of the Curve

Acquiring new clients/customers is how businesses grow and thrive and the bedrock of this endeavour is client visits. Every company wants to operate with the maximum amount of productivity, with workflows that are transparent...


A Real Time Overview of Your Team

Oversight is the cornerstone for success for any manager! While traditional methods involved having to be in constant touch with your team, the advent of technology has made oversight a lot easier. Think about...


Go Beyond Just Tracking…

So you’re using a field employee tracking app. That’s great but isn’t it still lacking? It’s all well and good to just see the live location of your field employees but what’s the sense...


Expense-Related Headaches? Never Again!

Have you experienced the sudden onset of stress and migraines as the expense tallying time approaches. Don’t worry, it was the same here for us. Even we detested combing through vast and seemingly meaningless...


You’ve Just Completed a Sales Visit. Now What?

“Imagine remembering all this information combined with having to remember what the outcome of the meeting was to communicate to your supervisor! Between keeping track of all your expenses, client requisition orders and important follow up points, you’ll be lost in a haze of information!”


Drop a Pin, It’s Just That Simple

Managing a customer database in an organisation can be very daunting, but at the same time keeping up to date data of your customers is vital to driving sales. For example, imagine that a...


Checking In and Checking Out: Why It Matters

Client visits are the backbone of any sales department! After all, the best sale you can make is the one you make in person. As a Sales Manager, you always want to have an overview of your team’s daily visit schedule and this is where visit management comes into the picture, and by extension, checking in and checking out.