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Turbo-charge your Field Sales Force.

A work from home setup

Thinking Out Loud: Handling WFH and Hybrid-work

FieldSense predates the Covid-19 pandemic, so like the rest of the world, we were caught flat-footed when the lockdowns began in early 2020 and Work-from-Home became the new normal for most. And while all of us punched-in and punched-out as usual, the location either showed an address or then if you’d pinned it as your home, it showed accordingly. And as the pandemic ebbed and raged again, WFH continued to evolve – and dare we say, mutate?

Thinking Out Loud: FieldSense Expenses to Tally…

But seriously, we’re always excited about ways that reduce the friction in field operations, particularly those involving tasks that interface with the HR and Accounts function, and one key area is expense reimbursement claims. For the vast majority, this involves lots of paperwork and lots of aggravation.

Checking In and Checking Out: Why It Matters

Client visits are the backbone of any sales department! After all, the best sale you can make is the one you make in person. As a Sales Manager, you always want to have an overview of your team’s daily visit schedule and this is where visit management comes into the picture, and by extension, checking in and checking out.

Digitize To Analyze

Automating your field service operations achieves two powerful interlinked goals: Makes your processes get paperless, and Gets you meaningful and actionable insights from your business data quickly and simply.  The automated process takes care...